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Following descriptions are available:

Rabbit Application Framework (German)

Log-Server for micro controller networks (German)

Data-Logger module for Rabbit mikro controller

Interface-board for Rabbit RCM3200 core module (German)

TCP-IP control for Visual Studio™ (German)


Comming soon on February 2006

The LogicBox: Rabbit controller interface based on Rabbit RCM3200 and PIC18F252 mikro controller for mobile and staionary data aquistion in ethernet networks. Harware is tuned for LogServer Application.

The connectors...

on the left: RS-232-Interface, Ethernet Interface, Reset-Switch and Leds for indicating operational mode.


on the rihgt:: RS-232-Interface for PIC, five digial outputs and pluf for power source

Top view of LogicBox

bekow: 8 Leds and free programmable switch

inside the box...

below: inside the LogicBox...


left: front side of LogicBox

16 digital outputs and 4 analogue inputs


rechts: das Rabbit RCM3200 controller board


the Software....

left side: asp .net web application with logic analysis

right side:: Logserver application with database connection


  • 4 analoge inputs (protected) with programmable gain, reference power

  • 16 digital protected inputs

  • 5 digital outputs

  • I2C-Interface on board

  • PWM output

  • EEprom on board

  • Ethernet interface

  • battery mode possible, battery loader on board

  • internet based asp .net application available

  • remote programming possible

  • simple assembly in housings (as demonstrated)

  • Led-outputs, free programmable switch

  • Interface for flash card


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