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In this area you will find some selected examples from the area of measurement and automation.

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23th of March 2007
Tutorial how to solder Small Mounted Devices with small pins
2nd of January 2006 CNC phase controller with PIC18F252 (currently under construction and only available in German language) Free version with schematics, documentation and source code.
6th of November 2005 Extension of Dynamic C libraray vdriver.lib to reach millisecond resolution
5th of July 2005 PIC 18F4550 USB Demo Board
14th of march 2005 Tutorial about I2C-Bus (under construction)
7th of march 2005 Communication between a Rabbit RCM3200 micro controller an a personal computer using a TCP-IP connection
7th of march 2005 Frequency measurement with the PIC16F84
4th of March 2005 Implementation of an easy TCP-Client-Program using C#

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