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Products in the area of CNC

In this area you will find some "low cost" software und hardware for controlling CNC-machines. Followings items are available:

AKKON USB Controller Board


USB Controller Board for controlling CNC-maschines




CNC-software based on the AKKON USB Controller Board

CNC-software package for controlling CNC-Machines with stepper motor drivers. Download Demo version (Beta). Now with Simulator for MS Windows.

Please note, this program is currently not up-to-date as there is a new USB-Version available.


4 Ampere Stepper Motor Card


4 Ampere Stepper Motor Card (PRELIMINARY translation from german to english)


AKKON USB Controller Board


New AKKON CNC controller board, based on LPC2148, ARM7 system



G-Code viewer (CNC-Viewer V1.3)


Easy G-Code viewer. Thre program is free for non commercial use. Download the CNC-Viewer.


The new version onf CNC-Viewer is extended with the AKKON geometry simulator. The simulator shows the real geometrical position if a CNC machine is controlled by the AKKON USB CNC controller board


Excellon to G-Code Converter


Converts Excellon-Files to G-Code. The program is freewae for non commercail use. A description in german language is available here.




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