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4.2 Funktionality

4.3 From virtual to physical model

4.4 Hardware requirements

4.5 Typical applications

4.6 Supported G- und M-Codes

4.9 Beta test




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4.1 Introduction

AKKON is a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) software for controlling 2D- and 2-1/2D machines working with G-Code based on DIN 66025. The prgram works in cooperation with the AKKON USB controller board. AKKON Desk read CNC-Code and sends it to the AKKON USB controller. The AKKON USB Controller generates contol signal for the machine hardware. The concept is shown in figure 2. The application operates in a manual and an automatic mode. The screen shot above shows the user interface of AKKON Desk.

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Figure 1: Principle architecture of CNC control by AKKON CNC

4.2 Funktionality of AKKON

  • controlling of four stepper motors (x-, y- and z-direction) a-axis partly supported by software

  • 3D-viewer showing milling path

  • Program operates with G-Code based on DIN 66025, RS274.

  • Basic import filters for Excellon- and Hpgl-files (other file formats e.g. DXF available on internet)

  • Engraving using simple fonts already implemented in G-Command (borland vector fonts available)

  • easy access of CNC controller over USB interface or RS232-interface

  • Simulator for program test

  • Communicaton protocol to AKKON CNC controller open for own projects in the area of automation

  • Software supports current reduction of stepper motor card in unterstützt Stromabsenkung der Schrittmotoren in stall

  • Digital outputs e.g. for cooling system or vacuum cleaner, controlled over G-Code

  • PWM outpt for controlling milling spindle (0..100%)

  • Stepper frequency around 60KHz (measured frequency on linear interpolation was 100 KHz), hardware also supports micro stepping mode

  • AKKON USB controller equipped with serial interface. The interface can be used form remote device (currently not implemented)

  • Software updates can be done over USB-interface

  • fexible configurable turrets (controlling of 4 further axis using G-Code)

  • automated tool measurement, configurable for each tool

  • digital input for emergency button

  • digital input for run/pausing program execution in automatic mode (used e.g. for cutting tools that needs a little bit time for ignition

  • English and German version available

  • Reference point user specifically definable

  • translation in other languages possible (also by user)

  • Program debugging using break points

With optional hardware a AC-motor can be controlled by the AKKON USB Controller. This project is currently under construction and will be available for free.

4.3 From virtual to physical model

AKKON operates with DIN G-Code. DIN G-Code is a unique language that was especially developed for controlling CNC machines. Usually control commands are saved in text files and will be interpreted by a CNC controller. Based on that information the CNC controller create the control siganls for the motors, cooling system, milling spindle etc. Altough CNC easy CNC programs can be programmed manually today there is a wide spectrum of software availabe that creates G-Code. Based on CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) modles a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software calculates the G-Code that will be used by the CNC controller. Figure 3 shows the process from the virtual to the physical model.


Step 1: Create CAD model   Step 2: Create CAM-model   Step 3: Create physical model

Virtual model, drawn with a 2- 3D-CAD-program,


Geometry data will be converted by CAM processor (calculate milling pathes etc.) (The example above stems from the CAM software MeshCAM).


A CNC-machine is controlled by AKKON and creates the physical model.

Figure 3: From virtual to physical model

CAD-modell (graphical model)

A CAD model represents the geometry and properties e.g. used materials in a computer readale format. Well known professional vector oriented CAM programs are e.g. AUTOCAD, EUCLID, CATIA or PRO-ENGINEER. But there is also a wide rage of vector oriented graphics programs like e.g. Corel Draw that can also be used for creating 2D, 2-1/2D and 3D models. Most of the programs have som exporting filters that can save the models in DXF or HPGL format.


Based on the CADmodel the CAM software converts geometrical an dmaterial data of the CAD model to the cutting path and control command for the cooling system, vacuum clearner, milling spindle or milling feed.


Based on CAM model the CNC processor generates signals for controlling the machine hardware.

4.4 Hardware requirements

As direct access and also real time procssing to computer periphery is limited under MS Windows XP™ AKKON CNC works on the client server principle. All tasks, that requires user input can be done over AKKON Desk (client) under MS Windwos. AKKON Desk is connected over USB or a serial connection to the AKKON USB controller and sends control commands. The AKKON USB controller generates control signals for the machine hardware. Figure 4 shows a screen shot of the two different AKKON Controllers Boards.


AKKON Controller Board based on ARM7 LPC2148

Figure 4: AKKON USB Controller Board

For operation AKKON requires a personal computer with Pentium processor > 1GHz and operating system MS Windows™ (2000, Windows XP or Windows VISTA)

4.5 Typical applications with AKKON

  • Milling machines

  • Laser- and plasma cutting machines

  • Machines with 1-4 axis control

  • Pick & Place tasks

  • Lathes

  • Engraving

4.6 Supported G-Code (and M-Code)

AKKON supports most of the G- and M-Codes that are necessary for producing 2-1/2D geometries. Figure 5 outlines an overview of the most important supported G- and M-Codes.

G-/ M-Code Description Remarks
M03 Spindle on  
M05 Spindle off  
M06 change tool position  
M08 cooling system on  
M09 cooling system off  
M30 program end  
G00 fast linear interpolation  
G01 linear interpolation  
G02 arc clockwise  
G03 arc anti-clockwise  
G20 geometrical values in inches  
G21 geometrical values metric  
G40 tool correction of  
G41 tool radius correction left side partly implemented (most CAM tools do this job)
G42 tool radius correction right side partly implemented (most CAM tools do this job)
G54-G59.3 select work piece (9 work pieces)  
G66 engrave text  
G67 set font style  
G68 set text direction  
G69 set text height  
G70 set user defined font  
G74 set zero point of part  
G76 move to machine zero point M0  
G77 moce to tool change position T0  
G79 drill cycle on position  
G81 define drill cycle  
G90 use absolute coordinates  
G91 use incremental coordinates  

Figure 5: Table of supported G- and M-Codes (not complete)
Example of a small Program using Fonts

The follwowing example shows a manually written CNC-program in G-Code and the output. Figure 6 outlines the CNC program in G-Code. The program is witten in a text file editor.

Figure 6: Easy CNC-program written in notepad and output on AKKON Desk

During programming, the output can easily be viewed with the freeware program CNC-viewer (figure 7).

Figure 7: Simulation output of the example program "Sextant.txt"

After processing the data on the AKKON CNC-Controller using the simulation mode, the output is as follows:

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Figure 8: Output of example program on AKKON Desk (USB)

4.7 Beta test

AKKON CNC is currently in a beta phase. The hardware is currently available as self assembly kit for a reduced price. Please, let me know if you are interested The CNC software is only running with the pre programmed boot loader that is placed on the AKKON USB controller board. Firmware updates can easily be done be the user. During the beta phase AKKON CNC is free for use. During beta test I can also provide some technical support.


File type Description Date Comment
AKKON Desk Version (14 0Mb)
6th of December 2016 Beta-Version including USB-driver
6th of November 2016 Short description of the essential news
  Installation guide for AKKON USB Controller board as well as AKKON Desk
  Release notes for AKKON
  Installation notes and some hints using the AKKON CNC software (german document)
Docu G- and M-Codes
23th of May
(900KB) (German)
  Documentation of supported G-and M- codes (currently only available in German language), produced for MS Internet Explorer (there can be some viewing problems with other browsers)
  Firmware upload utillity for AKKON USB CNC controller board
  List of available documents for the AKKON USB controller board (please not some documentation is available under AKKON USB controller board
Docu G- and M-Codes (230KB) (German)
  Documentation of supported G-and M- codes (currently only available in German language)
  Description how to install and run the AKKON simulator
  Description how to create G-code using CorelDRAW
  Description how to setup automatic tool measurement
  a movie about using AKKON Desk USB

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